Tonle Sap Project


In July 2010, the Cambodian organization Osmose and the Spanish NGO ASAD began to implement a one-year project called Environmental awareness, budget and business management, alternative livelihood development for the floating communities of Tonle Sap (Prek Toal, Pech Kantiel and Kbal Taol). The project was founded by the Centre of Initiatives for Development Cooperation, University of Granada (Spain).

The project focused on three of the Osmose programs:

  1. Environmental awareness: preparing an environmentally responsible generation for the future is an important part of the answer to the environmental threats on the Tonle Sap. But, as some major environmental issues are becoming more and more it is becaming important to deliver the message to the actual adult generation.
  2. Business and financial management training: to generate incomes to the families implies awareness of financial management and social enterprise. If not, they can still remain stuck in the poverty cycle indefinitely.
  3. Alternative livelihoods support: local women cooperatives have the potential to sell their products in near towns but they need a push in order to increase their production a find new local markets.

In addition, Osmose in collaboration with ASAD, started to implement a reform of the environmental education and awareness program on July 2010. The program included activities for ongoing and new children as well as new adults. The content of this programs revolved around general environment, fishing, wild life, water and pollution, flooded forest, natural resources and conservation.


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