About us



The Asociación Solidaria Andaluza de Desarrollo (Andalusian Solidarity Development Association) is a non-profit, nation-wide Non-Governmental Organization for Developement (NGO-D) that has been working in Cambodia since 2007. Its aims are:

–  To act against the structural causes of poverty and promote the social development of their target populations.

–  To promote awareness-raising and education for democracy, social justice, peace, and solidarity with impoverished countries.

– To organize, train and support volunteers to work to attain thier objectives in impoverished countries and in Spain.

 – To organize and carry out cooperation actions for development and solidarity with impoverished countries, in response to their needs, while taking into account their cultural identity, the gender perspective, and respect for the environment.



OSMOSE is a non-profit organization based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It started to work in 1999 in Prek Toal, a floating village in the Tonle Sap, the largest lake in South East Asia. Since 2003, Osmose has worked in two further floating villages.

Its activities are involved in:

– Ecotourism and handicraft programs, in order to replace lost income streams and encourage villagers to understand the value of preserving their environment, environmental

– Education programs for the children of the villages in which we worked

– Social Support and local development for families that Osmose brought together to encourage them to refrain from their environmentally destructive practices.

In collaboration with: 

logo URDSE[1]
Royal University of Law and Economics (Cambodia)

uni granada

University of Granada (Spain)
University of Leicester (United Kingdom)

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