Environmental Awareness


Related to the first issue of the project, the environmental awareness program, Osmose has brought together 1000s of children on the lake working in an environmental education program. As a result, these children have engaged in indoor and outdoor classes, bird watching, and waste management and recycling activities.

The program was initiated with idea of reaching all of the children in the villages in which Osmose operates and providing them the information needed to protect and preserve their unique environment. One of the objectives was to contribute towards creating the next generation of guardians for this unique and fragile environment.

The children followed a curriculum that was initially (2002) developed by a group of four organisations (Osmose, MLUP Baitong, FAO and Save Cambodia’s Wildlife) with funds from FAO, and reedited in 2007 with funds from UNDP / TSCP.

The children were collected by Osmose in a boat for this purpose and returned to their families after class. Through formal education methods, art, outdoor classes (bird watching, flora and fauna identification), waste management and recycling lessons, the children were shown diff_MG_2026erent perspectives on their environment.

Implemented since 2004, this programme needed to be renewed and strengthened. Preparing an environmentally responsible generation for the future is an important part of the response to the environmental threats on the Tonle Sap. But, as some major environmental issues are becoming more and more real (overfishing, global warming, hydroelectric construction on Mekong basin), delivering the message to the actual adult generation has become crucial.

Although Osmose environmental awareness programme has been mainly dedicated to children, as the core idea was to aware the future generation of adults, the environmental education program was extended to them in the lake in order to work with both groups of population.

Osmose, in collaboration with the Spanish NGO ASAD, started to implement a reform of the environmental education and awareness program on July 2010. It was designed and elaborated from July to December 2010, and implemented and evaluated from beginning of February until July 15th 2011. The program included the following issues:

  1. Ongoing program for children (OP)
  2. New program for children (NP)
  3. New Program for adults (AP)

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