Participatory videos

Participatory videos are an accessible tool to approach certain issues to the community in order to make them participate, take part and action in the solution of a problem.

In these videos, the environment plays the leading role, while children and adults who have participated in the education and awareness program are the producer team.

Along with teachers, participants developed an idea, a message and the point of view of the video. The result is seven participatory videos in which community people talk about several environment issues that cause a real impact in their surroundings.

The lake in my village

A group of students decide to collect the rubbish thrown in the lake and show the villagers they should use bins to put their waste. They transmit the idea that “water is the source of life”.

Life in Prek Toal

This video talks about some of the problems that people usually face  in Cambodian villages:  migration to bigger cities, the importance of the education in order to improve the standards of life and the deforestation.

Tears of the fish

Fishing is the main activity for the families in Tonle Sap. But in the last years, stock of fishes has dramatically decreased due to the apparition of the industrial fishing and the increase of the population of this area.

Lake conservation in my village

Students go to Tonle Sap Lake to make a research about lake conservation. After learning lots of things about the natural resources around this area, they are involved in a campaign aimed to raise people’s awareness about environment protection.

Behind the scene

“Behind the scene” is the making off of the participatory videos. Teachers and workers of OSMOSE, who have led the children involved in this program, show us the work behind this videos and the complementary activities carried out in schools.

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